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Although the Canadian urban landscape is dotted with lawn sales, yard sales, and garage sales from the first day of spring until the snow falls, many of these events end up being mainly an excuse for neighbours to socialize. While getting to know your neighbours is always fun, there is a way to make sure that your garage sale is effective. If you have items of value to sell, you may be able to generate significant revenue with a professionally run home contents sale.
Are you selling your home? Downsizing to a condo or a seniors' facility? Are you the trustee of an estate that needs to sell assets? Are you divorcing, and need to liquidate property? Or do you want to just clear out furniture and other items to make way for newer items or to free up space? Whatever your reasons for holding a sale, a professional full service content and estate sale service can make your event a success.
What A Home Content Sale Company Does
Better companies have the knowledge, experience, and skilled staff to maximize the potential of your sale. They can help with the three phases of any sale:
  1. Advertising the sale. Pro sellers have extensive email lists of buyers who want to know about sales. These may include antique dealers and other serious purchasers. These buyers will be contacted, and may also visit the company website where personnel will post photos of unique and desirable items. The company will also advertise using conventional media, and will put up signs throughout the neighbourhood close to the sale date. Their goal is to ensure that a line-up forms early in the morning, and that ¾ of the items will be sold within the first hour of your sale.
  2. Organizing the sale. During the week before the sale, staff will arrive onsite with an appraiser, who will set fair prices. Staff will label all items, and will arrange them into various areas, making it easy for buyers to find the items they're looking for.
  3. Running the Sale. On the day of the sale, uniformed staff will arrive very early. Better companies set up a number of pay stations, complete with credit card capabilities. This helps to ensure that all items are paid for immediately, and that it's easy for buyers to purchase big-ticket or larger pieces. As well, better companies make provision for delivery, so that heavy furniture, etc, can be delivered to purchasers before the end of the sale. A cleanup and junk removal service may be provided by the sales company as well. It's not necessary for you to attend the sale if you choose not to. This may alleviate emotional stress for you or a family member.
No Risk To You
Reputable home contents sales companies charge a percentage of the profits from the sale. This can range from 30% - 50% -- but remember that without the expertise and contacts of the company, revenues from your sale would be much lower. In fact, statistics show that better companies basically pay for themselves.
Call a home contents sales firm today and maximize the potential of your sale!
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